Smoove Pro-Cut Pad


Smoove Pro-Cut Pad

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Brand: Smoove


  • UNSTEAMED - A 100% wool unsteamed pad provides the best cut for out Pro-Cut 1000 professional compound
  • 100% WOOL - For thebest cutting action we prefer a 100% wool pad.
  • BEST CUT - Our white wool pad has been manufactured to provide the best cut possible for professional comppounding. This pad works best withe our Pro-Cut 1000 professional compound.
  • 4 PLY WOOL TWIST - the unique compostion of the 4 ply wool twist aids in cutting as well as not loading up the pad to geive the best results possible.

Details: 8 x 1.5" Unsteamed Wool Cut Pad 100% 4PLY Wool Twist

EAN: 0794811504641

Package Dimensions: 22.1 x 8.9 x 4.3 inches